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Hi Everyone,

Just up is ...

The Sept 06 issue!
Music 1 - Moocha sings and plays a variety of instruments and electronic bits. She'll be at Bleepfest at the ICA. Interview

Music 2 - Daniel Smith is a very popular purveyer of what some call "faith music". Nicholas Erber has a long chat with him. Interview

Music 3 - Bleepfest 06.2 at the ICA, London! date is Oct 7, 2006 from 2PM. Listen to computer and electronic music from interesting names, listen to DJ's in the bar, or play your music. Information

Podcast - Are we going nuts over Bleepfest? Yup, as a matter of fact we are, and here are a couple video promos to prove it. Podcasts

Hardware - Nokia's 770 internet tablet is a really nice little toy with lots of add-ons for the Unix-aware. Report

Games and Travel - We go to Brighton by the sea in the UK for a games developer conference and have one of the nicest weeks of the summer. Report

New Pop/dance - mentioned: Archive, The Knife, Victorian English Gentlemens Club, Everthing on Black, Spektrum, Boy least likely to, Immediate, Jackson Analogue, Kobai, Tom Neville, Man Like Me. Commentary

Classical - Albinoni, Bella Donna, Beethoven strings, Bruch, Gounod, Josefowicz, Mozart, Shostakovich, Takemitsu, Verdi, Vivaldi Classical Reviews

Books - Case Stody Houses, Dumas, Jazz, Linux Troubleshooting, New Media, Security, Acoustics, Ubuntu, Final Cut Pro, Baseball Reviews


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