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Hi All,
Just up is the following ...

The November 06 issue!
Music - Ellen Allien is a DJ and clothing designer
from Berlin. We have a short chat. Interview

Music 2 - Podcast - We catch up with Marko Nyberg
from Helsinki's Husky Rescue and talk about their
recent US tour and catch one and a half songs as well.

Travel - Portland, Oregon in the USA's Pacific North
West is a haven of liberal thought and some interesting
music. We talk to the locals about where to stay and
what to do. Feature.

People - Karen Marcello is a programmer who worked
at Xerox PARC and went on to be involved in areas
of tech which intersect with cutting-edge arts.
Shannon Tripp has done a profile and appreciation.

Hardware/Software - The Symbian Smartphone Show
brings together developers and manufacturers. We
go along to see what's up. Report

Games - Bullies? We see a few in the gutter press.

New Pop/dance - Commentary

Classical - Copland, Schubert, Strauss, Von Otter
Classical Reviews

Books - Interface Oriented Design, Graffitti Woman

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