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  • From: John Littler <jlittler@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 16:40:30 +0000

Hi All,
we have for your edification, education, and enjoyment ...

November FFFeatures

     Music 1 - Hush the Many recently toured the UK with an
     Arts Council grant. Whether they are psychedelic folk, anti-rock,
     or something else completely, they are a breath of fresh air.
     http://mstation.org/hush_the_many.php  Interview and podcast

Music 2 - two boxed set CD reissues, and it coming into the boxed set season (we wish!), have us exploring a little history ... http://mstation.org/scarlatti.php Scarlatti's keyboard sonatas and http://mstation.org/vivaldi_sacred.php Vivaldi's Sacred Music

Art - It's a chair! It's a chair that might attract the interest
of fans of the maker of a popular computer. It's an expensive chair.
http://mstation.org/apple_chair.php Report

Hardware - We play around with the cute little iPod nano. http://mstation.org/ipod_nano.php Report

Games - We look at some java phone games. http://mstation.org/cgi-bin/reviews_games.cgi Report

Pop/dance afrobeat, crazy girl, melnyk, richie hawtin, rolldeep, royksopp, simon fisher turner
http://mstation.org/cgi-bin/reviews_p.cgi Reviews

      bartoli, handel, scarlatti, south american baroque, vivaldi
     http://mstation.org/cgi-bin/reviews_c.cgi Classical Reviews

    Books - Asterix - telephony, Future Tech, Jane's Addiction, Make 3,
   Motion Blur, Racing Games, Sound Recording
    http://mstation.org/cgi-bin/reviews_books.cgi Reviews


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