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Hi Everyone,
This month we have a lot of stuff! ...

Music - Podcast Ben Mono is a hard-working DJ who will soon be fronting a crowd of 10,000 at Barcelona's Sonar. Here we listen to a little of a track featuring Jason Todd Midnightsun and chat about all kinds of things including what a DJ might be. Podcast

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Music/Software - Interview Ableton Live has become a hugely popular music-making application used by both musicians and DJ's. Here we have a wide-ranging chat with Dom Wilms about history, features, usage, and get some subtle hints about what might be coming up. Interview

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Music - Interview How often do you see the sound guy interviewed? And this despite the fact that they are so vitally important to what you hear at any concert and are sometimes almost viewed as a band member by the members of some bands. Here we talk to John MacCormack who has spent some twenty years on the road and toured with the likes of Beth Orton. (low level bad language warning) Interview

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Music - Report Henning Kuepper is the proprietor of Lollipop Shop Records and recently went along to Leipzig's alternative music fair called Pop-UP to see what was going on both on the stands and behind the scenes. Report

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Art - We have a little look at the art of plants from the standpoint of a search for interesting looking but low maintenance plants and find that the results often have more than a little to do with the choice of pots. Report

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Hardware - Inside The Machine! Courtesy of No Starch Press we have chapter one of a recent book by Jon Stokes. 'Computers perform countless tasks ranging from the business critical to the recreational, but regardless of how differently they may look and behave, they're all amazingly similar in basic function. Once you understand how the microprocessor?r central processing unit (CPU)? orks, you'll have a firm grasp of the fundamental concepts at the heart of all modern computing.' Book excerpt

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Games - While Sony continue to attract bad press on all sorts of different fronts for their PS3 and other shenanigans, Microsoft should have had quite an easy path as well as a giant headstart with their console. Unfortunately for them, quality problems and an arrogant attitude to consumers hasn't helped. Commentary

Music - Pop/dance Thunderfinger has a look at a band called the Autons who have a record out right about now Commentary

Music - Classical Baron K talks about Isabella Blow and the Chinese and manages to make a connection to classical music as well. Commentary

Books - The Weather Makers, Backup and Restore Reviews




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