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  • Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 18:46:28 +0100

Hi All,
We have for your edification and education ...

Music and Art - Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh hasn't changed much of his attitude since the days of hits. We show some of his art and in a nice long rambling podcast we talk about his music now and then and pick up on some hilarious events including one that involves Richard Branson, spliffy, and Johnny Rotten. Pictures and Podcast

Art - design - From three volumes of the new Phaidon Design Classics we picked three random designs to show some objects that were acclaimed. They include a chocolate bar. Report

Hardware - We have a quick look at the newish Video iPod. Report

Software - Pyramix Native is the entry-level version of Pyramix, Digital Audio Workstation software for Windows that is a competitor for the likes of Pro Tools LE Report

Software and Society - Encryption has been available for everyone since Phil Zimmerman first put together PGP. Here, in an excerpt from PGP and GPG: Email for the practical paranoid from No Starch, we look at some of the practical issues. Book Excerpt

New Pop/dance - 33Hz, Ben Harper, Domino, Ian Gillan, James Holden, Jane Birkin, Low, Placebo, Prince Reviews

Classical - Delius, Gillian Weir, Handel, Japan, La Fille, Ikon, Tchaikovsky, Verdi Classical Reviews

Books - 21st Century House, Adicolor, Debian, DJ, Extreme PC's, Freakonomics, Java History, Opus Dei, PSP Hacks, Tom Wolfe Reviews


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