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  • Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 15:24:46 +0200

If you've wondered at the gap in these announcements, it's been
because the details of this list were on what might be called the
"wrong" computer. Anyway, hope you weren't inconvenienced.

This month we have ...

the May 0 7 issue
Hardware/Travel - We go to Potsdam in Germany to check out a supercomputer which makes calculations to do with climate change and societal impact. Also on the campus is an architecurally famous astrophysical observation tower built in the time of Albert Einstein and named after him. Report

Music - This month we start a series on small record labels. In a day when the economics of gigantism sees only a few massive, and massively clueless labels with incestuous media relationships, the small label is our hope for the future - they even listen to the music! They even like it. With so much music on the internet, we could actually find all we wanted by just looking but not many people have time for that - that's what labels are for - to act as filters. This month we start out with Great Hare Records from the UK, and Hypnote from New York State. The first is, so far, a one artist concern, and Hypnote is for fun, dancy stuff. Great Hare Records, Hypnote Records

Podcast - Getting recordings of Bleepfests has always, for one reason or another, been quite difficult. The last event in Berlin was no exception but we have managed to tie together some tracks to give you something of the flavour and variety of these events. Podcast: Bleepfest Berlin

Games - Announcing the death of DRM in music might be a little premature but the basic fact is that music needs to go into the analogue domain to be played and so is always defeatable. The same is not true of games. Commentary

Music - Pop/dance Artists congregating in the heart of the dark empire: Thunderfinger has a glance at Myspace and some of the people who hang out there. Commentary

Music - Classical A recent book claims the classical music labels are doomed. We suspect that some of the present ones certainly are but there are far too many people who passionately love this music to let the music itself die. Here, we spit the dummy as far as labels are concerned, and get onto a new tack. Commentary

Books - Bollywood, Textmate: Mac Editor Reviews


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