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  • Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 09:35:38 +0200

Hi Everyone,
Have a nice summer break. We're having August off as usual
and will be back Sept 1-ish.

features: July and August 07

Music - Clinic have been a critic's favourite for most of their ten years of life while the so-called big-time has eluded them - not that they're sad about that. We talk about this, as well as what's coming up (B-sides out now, new album next year). Interview

Software - Interview Nokia's Internet Tablets come with Opera web browsers which have only been updated when there's been an OS update. Their Linux bases, however, have encouraged Open Source activity. Here we talk to Antonio Gomes from Brazil who thought that Mozilla's Minimo would be nice on these platforms. Much work, and many updates later, Minimo is getting close... Interview

More Music - Monthly Picks This month we introduce a new feature in association with Playmusicmagazine.com. They are a graphic-rich Flash- based zine who are nicely complimentary, we think, to what you'll find here at Mstation. Anyway! We have picks in various genres with some vids including a monthly choice of something from the past. Monthly Picks, vids, etc

Hardware - A while back we started an experiment to see whether Nokia's 770 Internet Tablet could do serious work and be a laptop substitute. Out of the box, it came nowhere near, but with the addition of lots of software and lots of tweaking, it actually did a fair job. How will the iPhone stack up? We'll have to wait for that one. Report

Yet More Music - Podcasts First up we have a track from the Autons first album released by San Francisco's Zip Records. The track is called Ice Major and has a nice intensity to it. The second podcast is another in our series of music in public places. This time we take you around the streets of Berlin, Germany, and wander in and out of shops. The result is a pretty interesting mixture. Podcasts

and ... Music - Summer is festival time and a particular time for new- agers and trancers to put on the tribal makeup and float around fields while reaching for higher levels of consciousness ... or, whatever. Here we have a list of upcoming festivals. Festival List

Games - Manhunt 2, the video game, has been left off the shelves in the USA and banned in the UK. Is censorship the only way if parents are foolish, and business too greedy to do right? We hope not. Commentary

Music - Pop/dance Thunderfinger has a quick look at Icky Thump by way of anti-indy, crass commerce in Nashville, and a bit more history. Commentary

Music - Classical Baron K talks about Elgar who is having the 150th anniversary of his death this year. And the standout collector's item is a boxed set from the LPO. Commentary

Books - Wallpaper Travel, Solitary Summer Reviews


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