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  • Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 18:34:15 +0100

Hi All,
Hope you're having a good summer. Here's what we have
this month ...

July and August 06 we'll be back 1 Sept-ish
Music 1 - We chat to Olaf from the Swedish electro brother and sister
duo, The Knife. Interview

Music 2 - We wander around Camden Lock in London, England, and grab
some photos, make some weird notes, and in Bladerunner conditions,
record the patois, and the music of the shops and stalls which
includes some hefty electro dance. Photos, notes, and podcast

Music 3 - Bleepfest 06.2 at the ICA, London! date (to be confirmed) is Oct 7,
2006. Listen to computer and electronic music from interesting names,
listen to DJ's in the bar, or play your music. The link below relates
to our last event in March and will be updated in the next week or
so. Information

Hardware - Yup, another big, fast FWD. We have a look
at the Range Rover Sports HST, their fastest vehicle, and also at
issues of global warming. Personal Energy Quotas anyone? Report

Games - PC Gaming is alive and well with a host of small games developer
companies who aren't locked into franchises, and aren't stood over by
console owners and publishers. getting shelf space is something else
though. We chat to Introversion, makers of games for PC, Linux, and
Mac. Interview

New Pop/dance - mentioned: Deprogram, Poni Hoax, The
Rifles, Bob Sinclair, Roebeck, Sebadoh Commentary

Classical - Beethoven, Beneditti, Herz, Mahler, Wagner, Weiss,
plus ... Classical

Reviews Books - Masters of Doom, Kiki Strike, jPod, Ajax, Japanese for
Travellers, Steal this Computer Reviews


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