[mstation_newsletter] February News

  • From: John Littler <jlittler@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 19:27:49 +0000

Hi Everyone,
Our latest update contains ....

  Music - The Mutts hail from Brighton, UK and do a fine line of guitar 
attack. Interview

Hardware 1 - It does nearly 200 mph and has 4WD. It's the Lamborghini 
Gallardo. Road test

Hardware 2 - Nokia's 6600 gets us playing with a mini-keyboard. Report

Games Review - Net Marketing for Indy developers? Ghost Recon on 
N-Gage, retro Metal Slug Columns and reviews

Books - Design Patterns, Point and Click Linux, Revolution in the 
Valley, Wi-fi Projects Reviews

New Pop/dance Stonebridge, Hedkandi, rough trade shops, warp DVD Reviews

Classical Bach, Boccherini, Dvorak, Faure, Masagni, Matsudaira, 
Peerson, Sibelius Classical Reviews

Coming up next we have an all music issue ... with music tech and
music people.



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