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Hi All,
We have, for your edification and enjoyment ...

the Almost Aussie feature!
(Queenadreena aren't from there)

Sweep is a Linux tool for editing and playing soundfiles in some
non-standard ways. We talk to developer Conrad Parker.   Interview

Erik de Castro Lopo is the author of libsndfile and Secret Rabbit -     
       libsamplerate. Here he talks to us about OO, C, C++, and testing. 

Queenadreena do loud guitars and arresting arrangements.
they had a CD out in the summer and have been touring ever since.
Crispin broke his rest to talk to us (Katie Jane is in NYC).            

Pop/dance Reviews  Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Pest, Chris Liberator,
Super Numeri, 16 Classiques, Richie Hawtin/Sven Vath Reviews

Classical Reviews Handel, Pergolesi, Vivaldi, Hayden  Classical Reviews

Next month we have a Games feature.

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