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Hi All,
I think this is our largest issue ever so hopefully
there will be something for everyone! As it says below,
we're taking this month off other than back-office work
and will be back in early Feb.

Superlicious Bumper Christmas Issue!!
Music 1 - Richie Hawtin brings us a certain sort of haunting, minimalist techno.
We talk about DJs, what's coming up and what he'd like to come up. Interview
Music 2 - Melnyk brings us electro pop from clubland with a hint of mirror-ball
and a suggestion of electro-clash. Interview
Music 3 - Martin Anderson recently started his own classical label. We ask him
about what's necessary and what he's trying to do, and we learn a little about
Baltic composers as well. Interview
Music 4 - Brendan Mullen put together a book about Jane's Addiction, the LA band.
Here we have an excerpt from the start of the book. Book excerpt
Hardware - Boys like trucks. Boys like sheds. Here we get two-in-one plus a state
of the art recording facility. Report
Hardware 2 - Cult of iPod: We have an excerpt from Leander Kahney's graphic rich
recent book. Book excerpt
Art 1 - Animation frames from Tokyo studio Groovisions. Pictures
Art 2 - Blown glass hearts with little felt jackets and lights in them, all
enclosed in a stainless steel cage. Picture
Travel and Music - Covent Garden in London attracts tourists from all over. We
grabbed some photos and recorded some of the buskers. Pictures and podcast
Games - Interesting times we live in, no? Article
Bleepfest - Did we mention our Bleepfest of computer music coming up in London
on March 25, 2006? Did we, huh, did we?! Well, actually, we did. Never mind,
here's more
Season's Greetings! We hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy New
Year. If you don't celebrate those things, have a nice time anyway.
We're taking next month off and will be back in early Feb 2006.
New Pop/dance - AFX, Catskills, Decemberists, Goldfrapp, Hawley, Marvin, Hush
the Many, Lidell, Little Man Tate, Trabant, Wilco Reviews
Classical - Baroque Christmas, Bartok, Berg, Mahler, Carols, Susan Graham,
King's Singers, Mozart, Penguins (!), Rameau Classical Reviews
Books - Ambient Findability, Bob Dylan, Digital Photos, DJ Biz, Garageband,
Nigel Molesworth, Music Writings, Sci-fi Moviescapes,
Sound Recording Practice Reviews


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