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yep....I've tried all that and more.  A bunch of us with Outlook 2k2 in
my MSOffice email group have been going round and round with this and
NOTHING fixes it.
Like I said, I don't believe it's a problem with the actual rules since
they do work, the second time the mail comes in...it's only the first
time the mail arrives right after you launch Outlook.  And, when I have
LOTS of mail, it seems that the rules do start to work midway thru the
original download....Like if I have over a hundred emails on my server,
when I launch Outlook, maybe the first 50 go straight to my Inbox, then
the next 50 actually go to the correct folders.  This is why I think
it's a timing thing.  For some reason, whatever it is in Outlook that
tells it to apply the rules, doesn't seem to kick in for a minute or so.
So, when you have Outlook set to automatically download mail every so
many minutes, as soon as you launch it, the mail starts coming in, but
Outlook has not yet loaded fully and the rules part isn't working.
To prove my point, try this:  next time you shut down Outlook, go to
Tools>Send/Receive settings and turn off the automatic sending and
receiving BEFORE you shut Outlook down.  Then, the next time you launch
Outlook, let it sit for like one minute....THEN hit the send/receive and
you will see that your rules work fine.  
Like I said, this isn't a huge problem for me cuz I just leave Outlook
running all the time.  But if I go away for a few days and come home to
HUNDREDS of emails, about 600 of them end up in my inbox and I have to
manually drag them all to their correct folders or go into the rules
wizard and check EVERY one of my rules and run them manually  (another
feature I would sure love Outlook to add is a button that says "Run All"
instead of having to check every damn box!)
I've written to slipstick.com and asked the Outlook MVPs to see if they
can get Microsoft to address this with a patch, but I haven't heard back
yet.  Hopefully it will be addressed soon.
You sure ain't alone, Steve....if that helps any LOL
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I talked to a ms product support rep who had me do a couple things -
delete the rules and recreate them.  didn't work.  export the rules,
delete them, and then import them.  didn't work.  apply all outlook 2002
patches.  didn't work.
i'm waiting to hear back from him again.....
Steve H 

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