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  • Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 22:02:08 -0400

Well..it wouldn't confuse the existing members, but it might limit the
number of new members you get if they think it's only for 2000

Like I said, with freelists, you aren't bound to the brackets.....so if
you just change it from [msoffice] to =msoffice= or anything like that,
my filters won't get it confused with the yahoo group that already uses

I had to change my own subject tag to [mso] since people were
complaining the old one ([microsoftoffice]) was too long LOL

If it's a major pain, I can live with it.  Who knows?  I could possibly
be the only one in here who uses subject lines on my mail filters

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Will making it stay Office2000 confuse people?

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Jim...I have one little request for you.  I'm on a lot of Office lists
and you changing the subject tag to msoffice has made my email rules go
kaflooey....would you mind terribly changing it to something other than
[msoffice] cuz that is exactly how I get the mail from another yahoo
office group.  All of my rules rely on unique subject tags

Even just changing the brackets would work..and at freelists you can
change them to anything.  For example, =msoffice= would work

I don't know if there are other members in here who belong to both
groups and will have this same problem if they filter their mail by
subject....if it's just me, I guess I can live with it

And welcome to freelists....I moved my yahoo Office group over to
freelists about two months ago and I am loving it there!!


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