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Wow, Greg....you sure are thorough!!

And I did read this ALL the way thru becuz I also have seen this problem
and I agree, it *seems* to have been corrected in Outlook 2002.

Interesting indeed.  Learned me something from this read...thanks.

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Okay, I can handle it from that angle, too.<g> Ever since Outlook was
first introduced with Office 97 as a replacement for the Exchange Server
Client, it has had issues with time stamping. Every conceivable excuse
has been made for the product, always pointing the way away from the
fact that the program has some serious issues with RFC compliance in
very particular areas. Time stamping is amongst its sins, in general. It
is, probably, going to be a server problem because many of the servers
in use out there are also RFC challenged. After a sentence like that,
you may come away thinking I'm one of those "Anyone but Microsoft"
folks. It ain't true. I've been with them for a while now and frustrates
me endlessly to see problems like this one appear and never, ever go
away. All I can offer you there is a wish for good luck...and if you
find a solution that works, please, let us all know!

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