[office2000] Re: Outlook Time Errors

  • From: "Greg Chapman" <greg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2002 10:44:03 -0500

Yep, that's a problem. Don't blame you for not wanting Exchange in the
house but I am surprised to hear your company isn't using some kind of
groupware solution despite Lotus Notes and Exchange being equally ugly.
At this point, switching to Netscape is like telling your users to
switch to Outlook Express...in some ways it's handier, it's got a
stronger grip of the RFCs for messaging in general but it's definitely
tougher to control the mail DB. 

The time field is not one that you can really control and you're right
that they're trying manage thread chronology but breaking things along
the way. As fas I know, there is no way to control this even with VBA
modules to try and massage a more correct appearance. How does your
server present time offset in the delivery header? Are they using 822 or
2822 rules? Had you already attempted to do the first steps in my
message to ensure that a time zone is set for Outlook?

Finally, if the company is trying to force a switch, surely there's more
going on here than the value in the time column? I'd be willing to take
the pursuit of the problems off to private email if the moderator feels
we're crossing the line in here.

BTW, have you spent anytime at http://www.slipstick.com ? Sue Mosher
runs the site and it appears to be the premier site for Exchange and its
clients. Ken Slovak is a regular contributor there as well. Also, the MS
public newsgroups at msnews.microsoft.com are often useful for sticky
problems like this one.

I wish you luck!

Greg Chapman
"Counting in binary is as easy as 01, 10, 11!
With thinking this clear, is coding really a good idea?"

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>   I did all the "tests" before the first post.  This is a bug 
> in Outlook - MS will probably call it a "deficiency".  I know 
> what MS is trying to do - to allow the Outlook user to see 
> the "true" (ie. relative) time of several emails.  What I 
> mean is that they are allowing you to see that a particular 
> email was actually written before or after another email 
> because, if they are all in GMT then that "normalizes" them.  
> That's all well - and perhaps even goodness - all I want is 
> the ability to have Outlook "adjust" the time received to my 
> own local frame of reference (ie. my own time zone).  I'm 
> sure they have gotten lots of complaints about how someone 
> was confused by not having time zones info - but 
> instead of adding the time zone info they decided to just 
> report it in Greenwich time.  *sigh*
>   I'm using Outlook 2000.  The local mail server is NOT 
> Exchange, and will never be.  Even emails sent from one 
> person in the company to another person in the company are 
> reported by Outlook with their GMT value - 8 hours "off" in 
> the eyes of the users.  Mgmt will be contemplating switching 
> to NetScape Messenger just to avoid this problem ...
>   OfficeXP is not an option - this company does not upgrade 
> when a product is "doing the job".
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