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<chuckle> Didn't read the whole reply, did we?

Greg Chapman
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> If you are doing new installs download the Office Resource 
> Kit to create a customized install. It will preconfigure 
> pretty much everything during the install process and when 
> the user first uses the programs.
> I believe there is a maintenance wizard to apply changes to 
> existing installs but I've never tried it. 
> I've only done this with O2K. but I'd imagine it's the same with XP
> hth.
> Robert
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> Finally, you need a book!!<g> I highly recommend the Office 
> XP Resource Kit 
> (http://www.microsoft.com/mspress/books/toc/5240.asp) . Pay 
> special attention to the chapters on creating standardized, 
> consistent deployments through Administrative Installation 
> Points. You may even find that the wizard created for this 
> set of jobs has you in mind and will create a custom 
> installation package that will relieve you of much of the 
> scripting task.
> Some alternate books to consider are the Office 2000 Resource Kit
> (http://www.microsoft.com/mspress/books/2443.asp) and then 

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