[office2000] Office Setup Standardization

  • From: Jim Betz <jimbetz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: msoffice@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 07:30:38 -0700

  Is there any way to create a "script" that will standardize
the configuration of Office2K and/or OfficeXP?
  I'm talking about something where I provide it a small amount 
of user specific info such as "user name, email address, ... etc." 
and it does the install.  Or if it just did the "user customization" 
stuff that you do after the install completes that would be sufficient.
It would be best if it could also do stuff like settings for the
"standard" location for files in Word and Excel as well. 

  Is this something that takes a "lot" of time to setup?  I'm not
using scripts to set up my user logons so consider me a 'novice'.
But I am familiar with many different 'coding techniques/languages'
although it has been a while since I did much more than BAT files.
So any guesstimate you have on how many hours and what the probable
start to finish duration would be to do the first one is, quite
frankly, better than any estimate I can make.  Even a "it took me
this many hours over this many days" is better than what I have ... 

  Are there specific products I need to pick from and purchase to do 
this?  Do they have both a "programmer license" and an "execution 
license" (ie. similar to Acrobat)?

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