[office2000] Re: Fonts and "Special Symbols" Question

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  • Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 14:09:13 -0500

Excellent answer. I hadn't thought about it being a printer specific
scalable (aka, PostScript) font but that should be exactly what he's
looking for. Either way, he's a victim of font mapping for an
unavailable font. Perfect!

Greg Chapman
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> "Zapf dingbats" is a printer font.  Ask your friend what 
> printer is his default on his machine, then install that 
> driver on yours (you can point to Nul if you don't have it) 
> and you'll see the symbols when you reopen the doc.  I see 
> the font when I install an HPIIISi Postscript driver.
> For documents meant to be distributed to others, printer 
> fonts are not a good idea to use for this very reason.  You 
> can see which are printer fonts in the toolbar font dropdown 
> because instead of a TT symbol next to it they have a little 
> printer symbol.  If you are using the font dialog there's a 
> line of text at the bottom underneath the sample that tells 
> you what kind of font it is.  The Insert Symbol dialog does 
> not specify the type of font though.
> Hope that helps!
> -R

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