[mso] Re: word mail merge no longer working from access

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Yes, you can do multiple letters, I have a sample to get to you but am not
having much luck signing into the area where we can share files.  Specific
problem is though I've got my password, am not finding the 'group' to be
able to join or don't know the smartgroups email when I try to login.  I
sure don't know what I'm doing!

The deal about multiple letters is the data.  Is the data the same that
goes to the different letters?  You may have to have forms that are grouped
by data type.  In other words, if you have 10 letters that need the same
data, one form would have a pull down list of those ten forms,  and so
forth.  If the data is different in each letter, would need to determine
the basics, and build from there.  Example, if name, address, phone are
common to all letters, start with that on the form, then have it lead to
other forms from a drop down or listbox, depending on the second dataset
needed.  The first dataset would transfer to second form and you'd build
from there.

The multiple forms part is handled by loading the form names in a table,
and the code in the sample (reached with much help from others) opens those
forms loaded in the table.  The forms are all loaded into the same
directory as database, and they open as a new file so your masters are

Not sure about your second question, as I'm not sure which sample or code
you are running.

Hope this helps, and will see how to get you the sample.

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Hi Cathy,

Thanks again for your help. Take your time and get back to me with any help
whenever you have time. I actually made headway with the code from the
first URL
you gave me.

I have a couple of questions about this though.

Can the code be changed so I can use the code for multiple letters. I have
140 docuuments that get merged from Access data and I don't want to code it
each document.

Also when I try to run the MailMerge sub from VBA it works great. But when
specify the MailMerge Sub behind my command button, and then run it from
command button, it fails on a 2487 error - The Object Type argument for the
or method is blank or invalid. Is this have anything to do with the fact
that the
Const's are private?

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