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  • Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 07:29:35 -0500

Hey Rex.  I know you brought this question here becuz I told you in
another group that Dian was doing some research for Word's accessibility
features and I told you to let her know any problems you have with it.
So, even tho this is a Jaws question and not really an Office question,
I'm gonna let it slide cuz I think this is a good thing Dian is doing to
help unsighted users use Office better.

So...I'm thinking, Dian, that what Rex is saying is that once the
find/replace box takes focus, I'm betting Jaws loses the ability to read
what's on the actual document...correct?  So, Rex/Dian, I don't know
what keyboard command you use to put the focus back on the document (in
my case, I just click on the damn thing)...but Rex, that's what you need
to do.  Every time you find something with find/replace, the focus goes
bact to the find box.  If you click in the document, the focus returns
to the document (and I assume it would then talk to you), but I don't
have a clue how you tell Jaws to move the focus back and forth between
the document and the find/replace box.  Do you know, Dian?  Paul?
Thomas?  Anybody?

Also Rex...I do have a mini find/place tutorial here, just for kicks:

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I am using windows XP with Office XP and I also use Jaws 4.05.
I am wondering if there is any way to have Jaws speak the current line
on which an entry in the find box is focused?
In other words, there are times when I need to remove paragraph tags,
some of the tags are legitimate, and some are not. I would like to be
able to read the line where the paragraph mark is being shown so that I
can quickly determine whether or not it is a necessary mark or one in
Is there anyway that this can be done with Jaws?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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