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I'd argue only this far: you are not *not* considered.

There are several camps of people with differing needs and uses whose
considerations drive the development of the product. Many customers *did*
ask for autocorrect and continue to use it. Personally, I've typed many
fewer documents containing the non-word 'teh' (Heh, Outlook is keeping me
from typing it even now!<g>).

Regarding the Bulkers of the world; Notice MS has effectively launched a
small war against this faction with a recently filed lawsuit.

While I would like to see MS change several things about their products and
way of doing business, I do recognize that the computer industry itself is
still much too predatory for the kind of changes I'd like to see there. But
I will argue with anyone who feels this monster of a company could get to
this position without attempting to digest feedback from all directions. I
believe that sort of stupidity/corporate arrogance would mean their position
of power would have been eroded long ago.

Greg Chapman
"Counting in binary is as easy as 01, 10, 11!
With thinking this clear, is coding really a good idea?"

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> Whatever Microsoft is doing isn't altruistic, there's money
> involved and
> that's where the little guy who really isn't paying attention gets
> shafted - DAILY. Mostly disorganized and under represented, we can't
> compete with corporations. The $400 we fork over for MS products is
> nothing comparatively speaking so we'll continue to grouse and bemoan
> our fate while struggling mightily to keep up and the rules will
> constantly change and so it goes. Life in the fast lane as they say.

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