[mso] Re: Running office files over a remote network; Converting Times in Excel hundredths of a minute

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Since you got answer 2 pretty easily, I'll stab at the rest of your
solution need:
If you allow remote access to the system, use a VPN solution and do not
leave such data open on the Internet facing edge. When using a VPN, you
also want to have policy based management of the inbound clients. For this
you'll need to either install a Gateway system over your VPN or use
something like Microsoft's ISA servers for managing your remote hosts.

Greg Chapman

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Two quick questions:
1) I am helping someone at the company to track down information: links,
books, etc that would help us make a decision on running MS Excel, Access
and some Word files over a remote network along with getting our Outlook
email all version 2000, if the lingo is correct.  We have a company
intranet running off NT4.  What the company is considering is seeing if it
would be feasible to hookup a system to allow limited access from the
internet, as pretty much everyone has broadband cable connections through
Road Runner. Don't know if it would be feasible in the first place and if
it is everyone is of course jittery about the viruses that are running
rampant.  That is why if it was feasible and we could do it, we would want
to limit access to a certain group of people.  I am not looking for
discussion, but a push in the right direction through links for
information that can be printed and distributed, books, etc.  Unless you
just want to say I am off my rocker, then I guess we don't need a hard
copy of that.

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