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  • Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 11:27:27 +0100

I frequently produce advertising material on different sizes of paper -
here it's A4 and A5, in US it would be letter and whatever half that
size is!  In Publisher it's relatively easy to rescale everything
either up or down by selecting all, grouping/locking items together,
using autofit, etc etc.  In Word that would be quite a nightmare.  At
least I *think* but no doubt Dian will tell me otherwise!

I've tended to use Publisher for booklets, because it sorts out the
printing of 4-page sets with no bother at all.  I also tend to use it
where there is a *house style* which requires particular types of text
boxes, or where certain info has to appear on the same page as other
stuff.  In other words, projects like a multi page product brochure
where it matters how quickly and easily things can be resized to keep
them together on the same page without spilling over.  In Word that
would be a lot more finicky (in my view).

Publisher is also more flexible when it comes to font sizes - if I *must
have* font size 240 I can get it, whereas Word forces me to a max of
144!  Ditto about drop caps also.

Business cards are theoretically just like labels - I use labels all the
time in Word (though I wish I didn't have to fool it into thinking I'm
going to create a new mailing list every time I want to make a new label
template!)  But for some reason, I still prefer Publisher for business

There must be a mindset thing at work here that we (or is it just me?)
see some apps as being more relevant for certain tasks than other apps,
even tho the processes might be very similar.  How many people create
Word tables because the info is contained in a letter, when it might be
better to embed an Excel table in the Word doc?  

Seriously tho, Dian, I am getting hold of some samples of material I
(and colleagues) have produced and will email them to you privately so
that you can see what I mean.


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>If it were integrated more with Word so it could take advantage of 
like TOC, it would be a dynamite product.

Just out of curiosity, I'd be really interested in hearing about (or
better...seeing, feel free to email me samples) what it is you folks
create in Publisher that makes you want to use Publisher over Word?

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