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Where are the six extra pages? Are they blank or is there something in
them...usually when you get big gaps in a Word document, it's becuz of the
paragraph settings...for example, if you highlight some of the text right
before the gap, and some of the text after the gap and go to
Format>Paragraph and click on the Line and Page Breaks tab....look at the
settings for "Keep with next" and "Keep lines together"...usually it's one
of those that's causing the problem...if not, look for manual page breaks 

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Hi All,
When I publish an 8 page Access report with Word I get
6 extra pages (14 in total) as the text on the original
pages doesn't quite fit onto the "Word" page.
I have tried playing with the format , font size,
margins both in the Access report and in Word, but I
cannot seem to get rid of the problem. I did have it
working but I must have changed something. Any ideas?
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