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  • Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 20:19:55 -0500

Hi, Sallie.

What Kathy said. :-)

Not bringing a laptop won't be a problem at all. Heck, I probably won't even
bring one. The help center will have a number of computers available to try
things out on, and there will be a number of us manning the help desk at all
times, too. That's actually one of the coolest things about PPTLive, and
it's also one of the things which helps make the content of the sessions
accessible to all levels of users.

One of the mandates for all sessions and speakers is to allow a lot of time
for questions. So come prepared to speak out and ask about things you don't
understand or simply want to know more about. We all follow the "no question
is stupid" principle, so don't even *think* about being embarrassed!

You'll also get a huge program book when you arrive. It's got handouts for
all the sessions, so you'll have something to take notes on. And if you miss
writing something down, you can always catch one of us in the help center to
fill in the blanks.

Finally, Linda is correct in that we'll be using PPT 2002 (aka XP) and 2003,
which will be released officially on October 21. 2003 is almost identical to
2002, but 2002 was a huge leap forward from 97/2000, especially in the area
of animations. I'll cover some of that in the crash course on Sunday.

You'll be fine, though, even if you haven't used XP/2002. Most stuff works
the same, it's just moved to the Office Task Pane, which is a new feature as
of Office XP. You can always practice with it, too, in the help center. And
if I'm not mistaken, we'll have some systems with 2000 on them as well, so
you should have access to the one you're familiar with if necessary.

See you in Tucson!
Join us at PPTLive! Oct 12-15 http://www.pptlive.com

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> Kathy, thank you for your assistance.  It looks like I'll be in your class
and Echo's.

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