[mso] Re: PP Music....Echo?

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  • Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 12:13:16 -0400

Hi Steven....Echo can correct me if I'm wrong...and would all you
morpheus/napster/kazaa lovin people believe I do not have ONE mp3 on my
computer to test this??

But....I *think* what you need to do is put the mp3 on the slide master,
then go into It's properties and set it to loop until stopped.....I know
that looping on an individual slide only loops til that slide is done,
but *maybe* putting it on the master slide will override this?  If not,
it will start all over each time the slide moves to the next....but I
can't test it here

Otherwise, I DO know you can set a CD track to loop continuously
throughout the show, so I know you can put the mp3 on a cd and do this,
but I'm not sure if my above way will work also

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    No, not the "Muzak" that is played in rest rooms across the country
but as a mood setter in a Power Point 2002 presentation. For the life of
I cant find how to set an MP3 to keep playing in the background as the
slides change.


Steven Fredette


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