[mso] Re: Outlook 2000/3 address book question

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  • Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 13:53:34 -0500

I don't think this will be much help, but I looked at our Global address
book kept on the Exchange Server and it is sorted by last name.  It
looks like it sorts automatically on how the name is entered for the
display name.  If you look at the properties for an address, you will
see how the display name is set up, in our case, everything is set up as
Last Name, First Name.  I couldn't see a way for you to sort by any
other method because it appears to be all one field.=20

Christine McDonald, CPA
Technical Specialist
Information Technology Division (RSA-4)
Western Regional Office

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I sent this question in a couple months ago and didn't get an answer, so
I'm trying again, just in case someone who knows the answer didn't see
it.  The client in question asked me about it again.  Also the issue is
with Outlook 2000 and 2003.

> I have a client using Outlook 2000 on an Exchange server.  They use a

>public folder to keep contact information for all their members, and
> it in a Contacts folder called Membership.  When they click on the
> button when composing a new email, and then select the Membership
> under "Show Names from the " in the Select Names box, all the names in
> Membership folder are sorted by first name.  Is there a way to tell
> folder to show those names sorted by last name instead?
> Thanks,
> Elise
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