[mso] Office 2000 SP-3 Update

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  • Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 18:45:31 -0600

The Office 2000 Service Pack # 3 was released today. See the first URL
below (Overview) for details about the update and how to get it. Be sure
you already have SP1 and SP2 applied BEFORE you deal with SP3. 

To see what version you have installed, open any Office 2000
application, click Help/About and read the details along the top line
where it tells you the version. Look for the SP designation after the
version name.

IMPORTANT NOTE: BE SURE to read the details about the Windows 2.0
installer! If you come back to the list saying you received a 1328 Setup
error, we'll KNOW you didn't read it! ;-) 

The second link below (Windows Installer) is for an article related to
this installer error and how to avoid it. So be sure to check it out if
your installer isn't updated or to find out whether it is. 

Below these important first two article are a list of individual links
to see what's been updated in this Service Pack for each individual
Office programs.

*Office Overview Article*
OFF2000: Overview of the Office 2000 Service Pack 3

*Windows Installer Article*
Users running into this failure can avoid it by updating to the Windows
Installer 2.0.  The KB article covering this issue will be at

*Individual Application Updates Articles*
ACC2000: Issues Fixed for Access 2000 in Office 2000 SP-3

XL2000: Issues Fixed in Excel 2000 by Office 2000 Service Pack 3

FP2000: Issues Fixed in FrontPage 2000 in Office 2000 SP-3

OL2000: Issues Fixed in Outlook 2000 by Office 2000 SP-3

PPT2000: Issues Fixed in PowerPoint 2000 by Office 2000 SP-3

WD2000: Issues Fixed in Word 2000 by Office 2000 Service Pack 3

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