[mso] Re: OT question from Linda....I need advice

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  • Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 21:55:45 -0500

When other newsletter type lists I've been on changed list servers they
often notified people in 2 newsletters.  The first one saying that the next
would be on the new server, and then the first one on the new server
reminding them of the change.  Also, some people may have their filters set
on the incoming email address.  Just a thought.


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> OK gang...I know this is OT and I really apologize...but since all of
> you went thru the fiasco with me when I moved this group from yahoo to
> freelists, I'm hoping you will bear with me and give me some advice.
> Here's the deal:
> I just set up a freelists group for my ABC Newsletter which goes out
> once a month.....it's one mailing, only one day a month.......and
> therefore, there's really no such thing as "digest".....however, there
> are a few members who are set for "no email" at yahoo......so I'm
> thinking there's really no reason to send the whole membership of this
> newsletter (about 2000 members) an email announcing this, as long as I
> make sure I set all the no mail people to vacation before I mail it
> out...the subject line identifier will be [abcomputers] which was


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