[mso] Re: OT My car accident (was WordPerfect to Word Class)

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Less than 300 pages, right?<g>

Greg Chapman
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With thinking this clear, is coding really a good idea?"

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> I was kicked off a train in Spain once because the conductor 
> wanted me to
> pay for an extra ticket on top of the ticket I had that was 
> SUPPOSED to be
> carte blanche to go everywhere.  My Irish temper combined 
> with my American
> Spanish abilities didn't do well for me.
> The result was, I had to spend a night on the beach.  I'd 
> love to see the
> Spanish version of 12 weeks of anger management.
> And this has to do with office because...one day I will write 
> a memoir, and
> I promise to write it in Word!  hows that?
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