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Ok...then if it is indeed the one you want to use for your mailing list,
while it's open, go to Tools>Mail Merge and click on the Create button
under where it says Main Document....then click on Restore to Normal
Word Document....if it is in fact your list of mailing addresses and not
your merge document with fields in it, this will fix the problem and you
can now use this document as your data source again.

You might want to make a copy of it before you do this, in case I am
misunderstanding you and this is NOT your data source document.

Good luck.

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When I open the "Mailing list" Word file it is giving me a table with
FirstName       LastName        Address1        Address2        City
State   PostalCode
along the top with all the info below.

Is there something I am missing?


You are trying to open the wrong file.  You are trying to open the file
that you put the merge fields into, not the file that has your names and
addresses in it.  You need to open the one with the names and addresses
in it.


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