[mso] Re: Infinity symbol typed?

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U+221E is also the code in the Times New Roman chart but it is not shown as
the "Keystroke" code found on the lower right hand area of the Character
map. The infinity symbol does not show a "Keystroke code" in either the
Arial or the Times New Roman map.
A "Keystroke" shortcut is listed only for some of the available symbols, not
all. However, ca copy and paste may be used to insert the any symbol from
any font and insert it in a document where that symbol may be the only
character of that font in the document.
i.e. In a document of all Ariel characters, an single infinity symbol from
the Times New Roman character map may be inserted and printed.

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U+221E is the code for the infinity symbol in the Arial Unicode MS font.
You'll find this symbol also in the Symbol font, there the code is
0xA5. It may be present in other fonts also but I didn't look further.
Easiest way is to use the character map, select the correct font and
copy the symbol. The character position in the Word document must be
formatted to the correct font.

At 14:40 30/5/2005,Ken ( DESCO) Ramsey wrote:
>Go to: Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Character Map. You
>find it there where you can copy and paste.
>A shortcut of U+221E is shown, but I was unable to get it to work. ?
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>Yes, of course, provided your font contains the symbol. Times New Roman,
>for example, does. Find it via Insert-Symbol.
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