[mso] Re: Help! Folder disappeared during mail download

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  • Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 23:44:02 -0500

Deleted items go into your Deleted Items folder in your Outlook folder
list.  And, no, with Outlook 98, there is no backup utility.

Try using Outlook's search utility and search for some words or an email
address that you know was in one of the files you think you lost.  When
Outlook finds it, it will tell you what folder it is now in.

Or.  Maybe you created a filter of some kind and the mail is being
hidden from you.  In the later versions of Outlook, you can see filters
by going into the View menu and selecting Current View, the Customize
Current View and you will see Filters in there....if you don't have a
filter, it will say "off", if you do, it will say something else and you
can remove all filters....but I'm not sure where this is in Outlook
98....try searching the Help menu for "filters".

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<< It's possible you accidentally dragged the folder inside another
 Look in your folder list and see if any of the folders in there have a
 plus sign to the left of them....if they do, click on the plus sigh to
 expand them and see if the folder is in there.  If it is, just drag it
 back into your inbox or Outlook Today or wherever you want it. >>

                I thought so, too, but I already checked.  I opened
every folder with or
without a plus sign and searched top to bottom.  The folder seems to be

                Is there an automatic backup file for Personal folders?
Where do deleted
items go (not in the Windows Recycle Bin, apparently)?

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