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Well, if you all would actually READ the monthly rules I send around, you'd
know the answer cuz it's in there....(wry smile on my lips as I type lol)

Anyway...this has nothing to do with rich text/plain text, etc...it's a
registry fix...here:

And PLEASE trim your posts ;-) 

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I don't send in RTF; plain text only. Atr any rate, I haven't been =
my last few MSO posts after I sent them, so I wasn't aware I'm now part =
the 3D horde. I wasn't previously, but my machine recently underwent
reconstructive surgery following a bout with the nasty Nimda virus, so I
lost a lot of configuration stuff. I, too, remember the thread from =
months ago, but I don't recall the resolution; perhaps some kind could =
re-post. (I seem to remember it having to do with the multi-part MIME
extensions and such, but I could be wrong.) At any rate, to all those =
are bothered by my '=3D3D's, I'm so sorry... ;-) I'll fix when I can.


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