[mso] Re: Excel vs Access vs Word...a FRIENDLY discussion (wasDian please AND OTHERS)

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Have you tried using the paste function wizard? (looks like an fx on your
toolbar)....this explains ALL of the functions in Excel and basically just
lets you fill in the boxes and creates the formula for you

And I'm not sure what you mean when you say "don't even bring up the
ifs".....if what? 

So...you don't see Excel's functions as English but you DO see VBA as
English?  Dang Katherine, we sure are speaking different versions of English
then LOL

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Yeah, but other than pushing the sum button on the toolbar, there is very
little you can do in Excel without speaking a very code-similar math--at
least for this creative wordsmith.  AVG ($B$6, E6), don't even bring up the
ifs...  I was trying to put together a time-tracking sheet on Excel and
spent a good half a day, got help from two people on this forum, and it was
like 3 tries before I didn't have a sheet full of #Value!.  I ain't dumb
(though I'm starting to wonder...) but the help file made no sense to me.
So, who can I bill for that time on the time-tracking sheet?!?

Excel is powerful, but you have to speak a different language, and it ain't
Katherine Driskell Felts

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