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Yep...there are various ways to do this....and some work in some
situations and others work in others.  The Text to columns one was one
we kinda stumbled across in an Excel group I'm in...it kinda happened by
accident and now we all agree it's the easiest and fastest way to
convert numbers formatted as text back to numbers.  I prefer this way
and the paste special multiply cuz they don't require adding another
column then having to get rid of it.

But, like I said, it's good to collect these cuz someday the one you've
been using forever won't work on some flukey spreadsheet and you will be
glad to know some of the other methods.

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I believe you could also use the Value function. i.e. =Value(A1) would =
123456 if A1 contained '123456. You can copy that formula down a column
if necessary then copy that column and Past Special Values.



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