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Here I am with my ol' workarounds LOL

I'm sure someone else might have another suggestion, but this is what I
would do

Highlight all the data in the column to the right and copy it
Highlight all the data in the column to the left and go to Edit>Paste
Special and put a check in "Skip Blanks"...this means it only pastes the
cells from the right column that are NOT blank
Then delete the right column

That's one way...if it's not what you want, wait and see another way

Actually, you could do it and record a macro so you can then just do it
again, with a click of a button or keyboard shortcut

You can also do it with a formula

Let's say A is the column to the left and B is the column to the right
Put this formula in C1

That will put all the values from A1 or B1 in C1
Then just drag that formula down column C and hide columns A and B

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Hi All and TGIF.
In a column, if the cell to the left is empty, move the contents to the

I have a worksheet of about a dozen columns. Many cells in each column
are blank. The objective is to combine the columns by moving data to the
first column until all columns are completely filled...no blank cells.

Thoughts and ideas appreciated. /g

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