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Sorry. You lost me.  What are you currently doing with the number in B if it
IS 450?  Your formula refers to D and C, but not B ... You say you need E to
show what it would have been if 450 was in B, but your formula doesn't refer
to B at all.  So, how does what is in B effect what is in E?

Linda F. Johnson
Linda's Computer Stop
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Well, here I am with need of a formula that - hopefully - is at least a
little harder than the last one I asked!  I'm not sure how to describe what
I need, so let me try this:
A.               B                        C                        D
Name    minutes worked    downtime        actual calls made        adjusted
# of calls

A is self explanatory
B contains the number of minutes worked - usually 450, but it can vary
C contains a manually entered number of minutes a person spent on
miscellaneous items. For each 32 minutes, he/she gets credit for one
adjusted call.
D contains a manually entered number of actual calls made by that person
during the minutes he/she worked
E contains a formula that presently adds the number in D to C divided by 32

Here's my problem. If B contains a number other than 450, I want E to
represent the number of adjusted calls he/she would have had if he/she had
actually worked 450 minutes.  In other works, I'm looking for a formula like
a ratio, for example, if B contained 248 minutes worked and D contained 8
calls, then I need the number if E to be what it would have been if B had
contained 450 minutes worked.

Gosh, I hope this makes sense, as I find it hard to explain and even harder
to come ;up with a formula. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. If
anyone needs more information or needs the actual present spreadsheet, I
will be happy to provide it.


Chuck H.

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