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Maybe the cell was previously formatted as text?  Cells formatted as text
show exactly what you type into them, so formulas will show as formulas and
not work.  So, by choosing to clear all would clear the text formatting and
fix your problem.  However, WHY the cell was formatted as text only you or
the creator of the spreadsheet would know.


Linda F. Johnson
Linda's Computer Stop

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Good Morning All,

Just a quick question:

Why is it that in Excel (2003), I occasionally I get a cell which is
reflecting a formula, rather than the actual value of the calculation of
the formula.

This seems to happen at with random cells and occasionally. I know that
in options I can tick the show formulas box, but I will not have done
this, and it can just be a random cells, with all other cells around
that cell properly showing the resultant value of a formula.

I correct this by using the clear all function, which gets rid of all
invisible formatting, but what causes it in the first place.

Many thanks


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