[mso] Re: Access 2002: Date Filter Formula Calculation Help Needed!

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  • Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 10:20:26 -0400

Thanks, Jim, I'm always forgetting about DateDiff.  I'm wondering if
there's something about the 'Year' field that's not right.  Still getting
all 'Yes' unless the field is null.  Here's a sample of results.  Also
noticed a couple of the dates are 2 digit.  I really don't know that much
about how they have their table set up, I only extract the data, then do
calculations/reporting on it.  Could there be a problem with this field is
why only the nulls are returning a 'No', and not the dates 2 years and
back?  What do you think?  Thanks again, Cathy

Year  DateFilter
2004  Yes
04    Yes
2005  Yes
2005  Yes
2005  Yes
04    Yes
2004  Yes
2005  Yes
2004  Yes
2001  Yes
2001  Yes

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You gotta love the DateDiff function. Give this a try:

DataFilter: Iif(DateDiff('yyyy', [Year], Now()) > 2, "Yes", "No")


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