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I agree. Sounds good you could also include turn signals, right and left
turns, lane changing, stop signs, 4-way stop, passing, 2-lane, 4 lane
highways, blind spots, spacing avoiding a crash, speed, shifting gears,
Park, netural, backing-up, etc. Hope this helps...


Those commands and the sensors all sound good and appropriate.  For some
more ideas I think you could also include clutch, automatic or manual
transmission types, actual key start, automatic windows.  However
creative you want to get.   

Voice command could be neat if you were driving in the simulation and
just said winter and snow came down instead of having to restart
simulation with new season.  

I think you are on the right track.  Take a stab at it and see what you
come up with.  


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These slides look really good.  Some notes would help as Dave suggested.

The context DFD is important to me as I'm a doing the DFD Level 1 and 2 
slides.  Notes would help in watching the evolution of the DFD's.  My 
major concern is the basic layout of the system. What user commands do
want to incorporate?  The sensors I figure, would be gas pedal, brake,
steering wheel.  User commands could be start, stop, weather conditions,

ec. (voice recognition ??).  We could get the design team together or I 
could just take a stab at the models and bounce it off every one else.

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