[msit620-bluegroup] Re: slide set 3 posted

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  • Date: Mon Jun 25 11:48:59 2007

The following note has been forwarded to you by Paul D Gillespie
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 These slides look really good.  Some notes would help as Dave suggested.  
The context DFD is important to me as I'm a doing the DFD Level 1 and 2 
slides.  Notes would help in watching the evolution of the DFD's.  My 
major concern is the basic layout of the system. What user commands do we 
want to incorporate?  The sensors I figure, would be gas pedal, brake, and 
steering wheel.  User commands could be start, stop, weather conditions, 
ec. (voice recognition ??).  We could get the design team together or I 
could just take a stab at the models and bounce it off every one else.     

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