[msit620-bluegroup] Re: compilation

  • From: "DelGaudio, Dave" <ddelgaud@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <msit620-bluegroup@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 09:57:32 -0400

Fantastic job!  I can tell that you put a lot time into making all of the 
pieces flow together. I also like the write up's you did as well.  I know that 
was a difficult task.  The entire presentation looks great.  
I'm really glad we started working on this early... Looks like you put in a 
late night last night. 
I did not see any grammar or content issues.  I noticed some deletion and 
additions of slides, looks like it was necessary to help with continuity and 
the removal of unnecessary filler.   What you have done to tie them all 
together is perfect.  The background selection is appealing as well.   
I will reread them again before meeting to see if I have any questions or 


From: msit620-bluegroup-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Sid Sidley
Sent: Sat 7/14/2007 11:01 PM
To: Blue Group
Subject: [msit620-bluegroup] compilation

Blue Group,
I will delay posting the compiled project until early Sunday morning, NLT 2007 
JUL 15 07:00.
Reason:  Tying all of the pieces together is taking much longer (and much more 
work) than I expected.

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