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I've done a cut and paste from the Group project posting by Dr. Nance.
I guess an individual posting is optional.  I recommend that each person
in the group make an entry - maybe along the lines of a self-reflection.
We could include our specific role of the project, what we got out of
the project, communications issues, etc.  Remember, 5 points out of 15
will come from our individual effort.  I'm not sure if Dr. Nance can
really judge what we did by just looking at the web site.
Each team should designate a coordinator (and probably a backup person)
who will assume responsibility for submitting the presentation in
his/her assignment folder.  Any student is welcome to post comments in
his/her individual group project assignment folder if they have comments
about the group project process or special circumstances that I should
consider.  Once I have received the presentations, I will post them on
our class web site for the rest of the class to view. Please let me know
who your team coordinator is and what topic you have chosen as soon as
possible after your group is formed (no later than June 16, preferably
 <<Picture (Metafile)>> 

I've added a few other items to think about:

Your design should address the following: 
*       Top level system requirements
*       Top level hardware/software architecture and functional
*       Software process data flow down to DFD Level 2 (see Pressman )
*       Any implementation considerations that should be addressed
(e.g., standards or languages)


The real purpose is how creative and sophisticated you can be in
analyzing the problem and succinctly explaining your approach. (from Dr.

I recommend that we look at out project and ensure we have met all of


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