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Estimados Colaboradores les comparto este dato por si quieren/pueden participar 
de esta capacitación online en inglés especialmente pensada para DBA's sobre 
SQL Server 2012.

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What's New for DBA's in SQL Server 2012

Join Dandy Weyn, Microsoft Sr. Technical Product Manager  this March for a 
TechTrax webcast titled "What's new for DBA's in SQL Server 2012." In this 
session you will learn about key SQL Server 2012 features for Database 
Administrators. Including auditing and security enhancements in SQL Server 
2012, as well as configuring High-Availability using SQL Server 2012 AlwaysON 
availability groups.

By the end of this session, you will have:

  *   A clear understanding of Mission Critical enhancement in SQL Server 2012

  *   View of SQL Server 2012 Optimized Productivity

This webcast is sponsored by



Time & Date

6pm PST on March 14th

8am PST on March 15th




60 minutes



About TechTrax Training Series
The TechTrax Training Series, sponsored by Microsoft User Group Support 
Services (UGSS), features monthly webcasts for IT professionals on Microsoft 
products including SQL Server, Windows Azure, System Center and more. The 
series delivers technical content and guidance to help speakers and leaders 
inform user groups about practical applications of Microsoft solutions.

Attendees will:

  *   Learn from Microsoft subject matter experts on new and emerging 
  *   Gain access to 200-400 level technical presentations with speaker notes, 
videos, and hands-on lab manuals, including a brief 20-minute TechClip 
presentation and a 40-minute TechTrax deep dive presentation that you can 
re-deliver easily to local user groups
  *   Download trial software/services at the conclusion of each webcast


Learn More About:
» Dandy 
» SQL Server 


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