[mpegaudsg] WD3 of USAC

  • From: Herve Taddei <herve.taddei@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 16:58:53 +0200

Dear All,

In the approved document W10661, it is written that "This is a placeholder
for the updated Working Draft of Unified Speech and Audio Coding (N10418,
“WD2 of USAC”). The final document will be made available within the editing
period which ends May 24, 2009."

Do you know where it is possible to get this document? We cannot find it. We
have been looking at
ftp://mpeg4vm:PASSWD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/incoming/cvs but we cannot
login. It seems the password changed. We have tried a few of the different
MPEG passwords we used in the past without success. Is this FTP area not
used anymore? What is the password now for this server? 

Any idea where to get WD3 for USAC?

Best regards,

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