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  • Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 06:18:11 -0400

Dear audio experts,

I am sitting alone in the room that was reserved for the USAC AhG meeting

Nevertheless, I am doing some work and would like to give you an update:

First, there will be a Chairs meeting this evening with the possibility of
some decisions being made. If not this evening, then there is the
possibility of some decision on Monday when MPEG plenary is scheduled to
begin. I will keep you informed.

Second, I am reviewing the set of contributions to determine which ask the
Audio Subgroup for a decision (i.e. "please include this technology into the
USAC WD") and which are informational only (i.e. "we hope to have a full CE
at the next meeting") and which are "workplan related" (i.e. "we request
interested parties to conduct cross-check on this technology"). My review
will be in the form of the complete list of contributions with additional
columns indicating whether the contribution asks for a decision or action,
and whether I, as Audio Chair, think that a decision is possible given the
current situation.

Let me elaborate: whether you are here in Dresden or in your office,
everyone has LAN and email. Hence there is the possibility to at least
record "delegate opinions" during this week if we all agree to read certain
contributions that are (I hope) relatively uncontroversial. The status of
such "opinions" or "decisions" is still uncertain (i.e. are they
recommendations from the Audio Subgroup to WG11 or not). However,
contributions have been prepared and I think we should study them and render
an opinion. If everyone agrees, then that should be recorded and at least
that is some progress!

I will distribute this table of documents and suggested actions later today.

Best Regards,
Dr. Schuyler Quackenbush, Audio Research Labs
336 Park Ave, Suite 200,  Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
office: 908 490 0700      srq@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
mobile: 908 612 9423
fax:    908 842 9151      www.audioresearchlabs.com  

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