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>I am not sure what the official MPEG rules are on this matter

So far cancellation of ad hoc group meetings has been handled by
chair-monitored consensus.
Your argument makes sense and it is being used for other ahgs as well.

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Dear Audio experts,

Fortunately, I am already in Germany and will be in Dresden tomorrow
afternoon. However, I have heard from a number of delegates and the summary
is that experts from Sweden, Korea, Japan and Canada cannot make the Sunday

Because of this, I have decided to cancel Sunday's AhG meeting on Unified
Speech and Audio Coding. I am not sure what the official MPEG rules are on
this matter, but I hope that delegates can support me on this and understand
how pointless it is to proceed without key experts. There is no benefit of
making presentations on Sunday, only to have to repeat them on Tuesday :-(

I wish everyone save travel (or should I say struggle) to Dresden. Please
keep me informed of your progress, particularly if you cannot be there on
Monday or even Tuesday.

Best Regards,
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