[mountainmilers] Re: jerome run

  • From: Lori Park <blpark55@xxxxxxx>
  • To: brooketrout27@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2011 10:25:17 -0700

Looks great! Anxious to see this side of a running group!  

On Nov 19, 2011, at 8:37 AM, Brooke Wakefield wrote:

> Okay, just so we don't forget anyone, here is a rough sketch of the logistics 
> for tomorrow's run.  Because there are many different distances being run, we 
> will have the longer distance people (15-21 miles) meet at CV Safeway by 
> 7:40am at the latest so we can leave at 7:45am for the drop-off.  That will 
> include the following drivers and runners:
> Driver: Steve O. (7 - in Brenda's SUV)
> -Ken
> -Jessica O.
> -Len
> -Rob
> -Edie
> -Tom H.
> Driver: Lori & husband (3)
> -Brooke
> -Cindy
> -Heidi
> It has been suggested that the shorter distance folks leave slightly later so 
> that we have a better chance of all meeting up in Jerome for lunch at the 
> same time(hope, hope).  A meeting time of 8am in CV Safeway seems good, 
> leaving by 8:15am at the latest.  This group will have Brenda in the car who 
> knows where she's going (right Brenda?!).  
> Driver: Karyn (6)
> -Brenda
> -Kam
> -Deb K.
> -Jessica L.
> -Deborah
> As you can see, there is some room for swapping around if you change your 
> mind and want to run longer or shorter.
> Karyn, if you have more questions about the route(for after you drop Brenda 
> off and are somewhat alone), Ken may a good person to consult:)  From my 
> memory it is a rough road that is sometimes narrow, but I think generally a 
> straight shot.
> It would be nice to all be to Jerome by 11:30am-12pm range.  I know that for 
> some of the shorter distance runners that will be a stretch of waiting in 
> Jerome.  Perhaps you can put our name in at a restaurant for a table for 20!  
> Temps are supposed to peak at 51 degrees so everyone be sure to have some 
> warm clothes in your support vehicle for after your run.  
> Returning:
> After lunch we will return to our cars at CV Safeway.  Deb K. and Ken need to 
> be back to their car no later than 2:45pm.
> Thanks in advance to all the support drivers and vehicles!
> I hope that covers everything.  It will be a great run with LOTS of runners.  
> Woohoo!!
> Cheers!
> Brooke

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