[mountainmilers] Re: Update #2 on Rob (and Terri) in Portland Marathon

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Way to go Terri!

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Terri is #8639 and her pace is getting faster!!Pace

10 Km 01:08:30 00:11:02 08:28:03 
8.6 Mi 01:34:56 00:11:05 08:54:29 
Half 02:22:46 00:10:37 09:42:19 
17.5 Mi   ~10:28:53 

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Subject: [mountainmilers] Update #2 on Rob (and Terri) in Portland Marathon

Rob's challenge with his loss of conditioning due to his IT-band injury might 
be catching up with him late in the race.  He's dropped back to 3:00-plus pace, 
but still headed toward a terrific time, nonetheless...

Also, Terri Rashid is running there.  Does anyone have her bib number so I can 
update her times on the Twitter feed?

Keep sending good thoughts to both of them!

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